Why High School Band?

Parent testimonials

We asked some of our band parents why the band program was valuable to them. Here is what they had to say:

Amber Pace

Being a part of the Effingham County High band program is one of the best things your child can do in high school! Joining the Rebel Regiment was the most valuable thing my child has done. My child was nervous about the amount of work and time that marching band would take, but after the first day of band camp he was hooked. The sense of belonging along with the friendships he has built has made all the difference in my child. He has a new found confidence and determination after being part of the program for just one year. He is so excited about the coming years that he will spend with this group of fine young people. The leadership of the band program is outstanding and if you choose to become involved as a parent, you yourself will benefit from the program as well. I have made new friends and thoroughly enjoy being with the students while helping out. Your child will not regret becoming part of this fantastic organization.

Angela Jackson

The band program has made a huge impact on my child. It has taught him self-discipline, leadership skills, and a wide variety of work ethics. The leadership skills that he developed in Marching Band carried over to his other classes. As he is now a member of the Senior class of 2020, the band has become a second family to us. We have spent countless hours from practices to road trips and have develop phenomenal relationships with other parents students through out our 4 years of band. The upperclassmen took him under their wing and showed him how to march, count, and play his instrument with a sense of ease. I still remember his first day of 9th grade, he was calm in every aspect, he knew that if he had any questions or concerns that the upperclassmen had his back. As a rookie parent, I was scared, nervous about getting involved. The veteran parents welcomed me with open arms and I have developed some of the best relationships with the best parents. They showed me how to get involved and be a great asset to a fantastic organizations. Our directors take pride in what they do and strive to showcase the talents of each and every child in the band program at ECHS.

Marcy Parker

Band has provided my son with many opportunities to travel to various areas he would have otherwise not visited. Band has helped him become comfortable performing in front of large audiences. Also, his time in Band has made it easier for him to learn how to play various instruments, such as guitar and piano. Socially, Band provides a great peer group for teens to be involved with consistently. Band has simply been a lot of fun for him!

student testimonials

We asked our students why the band program meant so much to them and why they decided to continue. Here is what they had to say:

Ethan Cerkoney

The reason I chose to do band is because I had always loved playing and instrument and wanted to keep going into high school and I was always ready and know what I wanted to do but when I came to Marching Band I had to think a little bit I didn’t know if it was something that I could commit to but I did it, and it was so much fun I’m really glad that I joined since it helped me make more friend but it also opens up a few doors like what friend I should have and what am I going to do with band in the future? But know that I didn’t have to worry because I had my band family they always looked out for each other and we helped others through different obstacles. One of my favorite things about band and marching band is that I have so many friend in it and the music we play is alway awesome and we have two very great teachers that helped us through the struggle of learning all the music and steps. Doing band has also helped me as a student grow. It is proven that if you do band it will increase your brain capacity but I think I’m still the same but it has helped me get through something’s. Especially if you just think about that one thing you want to pursue and that was band. Band has always been a big deal to me and I hope with all the new 8th graders coming in that it will become a big deal for them as well.

Mallory Goff

I chose to join marching band because I wanted to make friends going into high school. It was also really important to me that I was involved in an after school activity. I was slightly hesitant about joining because I was afraid I wouldn’t have time to balance both band and school, but that really wasn’t the case. I’m really happy that I joined because it gave me something to do as a break from schoolwork, and I met a lot of really great people. My favorite thing about marching band is the relationships I’ve been able to build with my peers. One of the biggest things I have learned through band is how to work towards goals with a group of people. I’ve stayed in band because it is something that I always genuinely look forward to, and I have grown to think of my fellow members as family. I love band because I really enjoy music, I’ve grown to love all of the students and directors involved, and honestly, it’s just really fun. It’s incredibly valuable for students to join band in high school just so that they’re involved in something. It’s really beneficial to be a part of something where you enjoy what you’re doing and that you feel you belong in, and band is an incredibly welcoming community.

Jenna Wells

Were you iffy about joining? Why are you glad you did?

I was very iffy about joining both band and marching band in high school. I kept telling myself that it’d just be too stressful, I wouldn’t have fun, I wouldn’t make friends, that I wouldn’t have the time, and that I wanted to see what else was out there. Well I was completely wrong about those things and just because I decided to stay in band, it didn’t mean that I couldn’t join in on other activities in and outside of school. Band in high school is a completely different environment and I’m so glad that the directors wouldn’t let me quit. Through band I’ve had some of the best experiences that will stay with me through life and met some of the best people who I’ll always be thankful for. It feels like being part of a family and they’ve supported me through so much. You’re never gonna find a more supportive and wonderful group of people than your band family because even though we don’t all get along and we don’t all like each other, we’re still a family and we still care deeply for one another. High school would be so different if I had decided to quit band and I think, looking back, I definitely would have regretted that decision. - Jenna Wells

Benefits of Band

● Music enhances your creativity and confidence

● Music engages both the logical/rational and the affective/emotional sides of the brain.

● Brain scans of people making music show a majority of the brain engaged. No other human activity

provides the same type of neurological engagement.

● Music is a uniquely human experience. Anthropologists have yet to discover a human culture that does not

make music.

● Music has a powerful emotional quality, and has served as an important means to bonding cultures and

communities. “Music begins where words fail.”

● Music pushes you to look beyond what currently exists and express yourself in a new way.

● Music enhances the ability to connect disparate or even contradictory ideas.

● Music connects people of different cultures through the universality of music.

● Classical antiquity felt music was so important to a complete education, it was considered one of the

seven core subjects.

● Music has a strong connection with math, which is embedded in the patterns of the music, physics of

sound, scales, key signatures, and rhythm. These patterns were what fascinated Albert Einstein so much

about music. “I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music.” ~Albert Einstein

● Music provides an emotional release which promotes the release of healthy endorphins and helps to

reduce stress hormones, which can be elevated in adolescents. Students often say, “Music is my escape

and makes me feel good.”

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