Leadership Council

What is the leadership Council?

The Leadership Council is a small group of students in marching band and other aspects of the Rebel Regiment who meet at least once a month to discuss how to improve the band or where to lead the Rebel Regiment. First formed in 2019, the Leadership Council needed rules and guidelines. Tasked with the job of creating a whole new council for the Rebel Regiment, four marching members - Mathiew Tackitt, Chris Larson, Emilie Gatewood, and Sonja Bernacki - wrote the rules, guidelines, and purposes of the new Leadership Council (Seen Below). Below are the members and positions of those serving in the leadership council.

The Leadership Council's main purpose is to serve as a liaison between the students and the directors. They help to define the direction of the overall program. Each Vice President should listen to the issues in their grades and take them to the President who then should bring the matter up in a meeting. The Leadership Council offers the students a louder and stronger voice in decisions that affect the overall Rebel Regiment.

Katie Stone


Sandra Hudson

Senior Vice President

Hayden Cowart

Junior Vice President

Aubrey Roberts

Sophomore Vice President

Screven Edwards

Freshman Vice President

The Leadership Council also includes all Captains and Drum Majors found here

Roles, Guidelines, and Purposes of the Leadership Council

Roles and Guidelines of Leadership Council

Who Can Apply?

Any marching member can apply for the Vice President position of their grade. Only senior marching members can run for President of the overall group.

Who is the Council Composed Of?

The council includes the above mentioned President and four Vice Presidents (one for each grade). The council also includes Captains and Drum Majors of the Rebel Regiment Marching Band.

Can a member be removed?

Yes, any member of the Leadership Council can be removed. There is a removal process written at the end of the above document.

Reasons for removal can include:

  • Abuse of Power
  • Failure to Uphold at least one of Their Responsibilities
  • or Failure to Uphold the Dignity and Honor of the Rebel Regiment through their actions or words