Marching Band


This season's show was set on an island in the Pacific. Opening with a nice islander-esque party, torment quickly comes as earthquakes shake the land. Bewildered islanders run around in terror while a volcano explodes to the tune of Dies Irae. The erupting volcano gives the piece its name: "Volcano".

Transitioning into the the second piece, all but one of the islanders flee the island. In the aftermath of the volcanic eruption, the skies were blackened, hence the second tune's name "Dark Skies". As the second tune begins, all those who fled perish and topple to the ground. The lonely survivor plays a solo of grief and sorrow. Hearing the tune, those who fled begin to rise again and play. Brass face backfield while woodwinds face frontfield. At the climax of the tune, brass turns around to face frontfield and woodwinds take a knee. All the heart and soul can be heard as this climax marks the beginning of the island's recovery.

The realization that all is not lost gives the third tune its name: "Awakening". The islanders play harmoniously and give a spirit of triumph. The islanders will not perish, rather they will rebuild. An erupting volcano cannot overcome their joy. At the peak of the piece, Amazing Grace can be heard. Played by the marchers and sung by the Drum Majors, everyone is working together to recreate what was lost, to overcome their miseries. The piece nears closing with a message spelled out by the marchers: "SAVED". Salvation has come to the islanders. Despite the trials they faced, they rebuilt and reconquered their home land.

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