Coastal Classic
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                        Coastal Classic

Coastal Empire Classic General Information

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Classification (Winds and Percussion)


A                     1-40

AA                   41-59

AAA                60-79

AAAA 80-100

AAAAA          101 +


General Information


Food Concessions will be provided throughout the day.

Souvenirs will be on sale inside the stadium throughout the day.

Air grams will be on sale inside the stadium throughout the day.

A First Aid Station will be located in a designated area in the stadium.

Admission into the Coastal Empire Classic is $5.00 per person.


Policies and Procedures


1.       This contest strictly adheres to GMEA standards for competitive and non-competitive bands.

2.       No band may use the contest field to practice prior to its entry in the field for competition.

3.       All bands must warm-up in their designated area.  Bands causing a disturbance to bands on the competition field will be penalized according to the discretion of the Contest Chairman and the Judges.  This includes playing in undesignated areas as well as loud yelling.

4.       Dressing rooms are available as shown on the map.  They are available for bands an hour before their scheduled warm-up time.  Please supervise your students, as we cannot accept responsibility for any lost or stolen items.

5.       The time allotted per bands is 15 minutes.  This includes set-up, on field warm-up, performance, and exit.  Cadencing off the field is allowed as long as sound is ceased 2 minutes after the logical conclusion of the field show.

6.       Timing will begin for each band when the first person steps onto the playing field, and will end when the last person is off the playing field, all props and equipment are off the playing field, and all sound has ceased.




Scoring and Adjudication


Both the festival and competition use a caption-judging format.  The three band judges are as follows: Music, Marching and Maneuvering, and General Effect.  In addition, there will be one judge each for Drum Major, Colorguard, Percussion, and Drill Team/Majorette.  Final ratings for Festival and Competition will consist of the average of the three band judges’ scores.



The ratings of Superior, Excellent, Average or Fair will be awarded to bands receiving a total score as follows:


            85.0- 100       Superior

            70.0- 84.9      Excellent

            55.0- 69.9      Average

            0.00- 54.9      Fair


A recap sheet will be made as soon as all scores are tallied.  After scores are announced, directors will be allowed to pick up score sheets, judges tapes, and recap sheets from Mr. Hasty.




Festival:  There are no numeric scores given.  Each band will receive a rating for overall band and each caption (Drum Major, Colorguard, Percussion, and Drill Team/Majorette).  Trophies will be given for each Superior and Excellent rating.


Competition: Scores will be numeric.  Trophies will be awarded to those bands with overall Superior and Excellent ratings, and Superior and Excellent ratings for each caption.  There will be a trophy for the band, regardless of class, scoring highest in each caption (Music, Marching and Maneuvering, General Effect, Drum Major, Colorguard, Percussion, and Drill Team/Majorette).  The top two bands in each class will receive a trophy, the second highest score overall will receive the 1st runner-up Trophy, and the highest scoring band, regardless of class, will receive the Grand Champion Award for the 2007 Coastal Empire Classic.